Yacht Rock Revue’s Steal Away

Steal Away: Escape to Jamaica with Yacht Rock Revue, an intimate concert experience in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Set on a sandy beach with the waves of Caribbean at your feet, you will have access to unlimited food and drinks while enjoying the beauty of Jamaica and all it has to offer

UPDATE: Steal Away, Jamaica
Hey guys – We hate to say it, but there’s not going to be a Steal Away in 2023. Logistical and scheduling challenges made a return to Runaway Bay impossible and we’ve been exploring alternate solutions. YRR and Island Gigs exhausted the possibilities, and none were the right fit for our event. 
We didn’t want to do anything that would be half-baked, rushed or unsmooth. We are deeply sorry that we can not be there with you once again in 2023.
Feeling good vibes for 2024

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What Our Customers Are Saying

I regret this has taken a few months to send, but I wanted to personally say thank you for everything you did to make my first Island Exodus experience exactly how I had imagined it - both magical and intoxicating (lol).

Being able to move to the main resort last minute was so helpful to a girl traveling and staying alone! Thanks in part to your kindness, it was a trip I could never forget. Looking forward to the next one.

Best wishes,
Heather L.B.
Ohio, USA
Wanted to thank you once again for another wonderful round of shows … as I mentioned before, Island Gigs & the staff do a remarkable job of keeping it wired tight - you do it right. The rooms were fantastic, the experience terrific … always greatly appreciative of all that you do & the effort you put forth, so it’s been a pleasure for yet another season & hopefully we’ll all be around to do it again next year … our best to you & yours & hope this is a good year for you personally.

Dan M.
California, USA