Before placing your reservation, make sure you have all of the following info for all of your guests: Full Legal Name (As it Appears on your Passport), Date Of Birth, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Payment / Credit Card Info.   If you are unsure of who your guests will be at the time of booking, you can create a placeholder (TBA) on the reservation site. If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need all of the credit card numbers (with expiration date and card verification number) as well as the billing addresses for each card.

You can place your reservation online at islandgigs.com. If you prefer to place your reservation over the phone, please call the Island Gigs Travel Department at 646-862-6380.

No. Our current resorts only accept guests that are 16 and older. If you do bring your older children they are treated as adults and must pay the adult rate.

Yes. We will try to accommodate your room request. Although we are usually successful and try to please all of our customers, please be aware that a room request does NOT mean guaranteed placement.

Unless the room category shows 3 to a room or triple occupancy we do NOT offer more than 2 to a room. Twin beds (instead of a King) can to be requested but is not be guaranteed.

You can make a payment two ways. By logging into your account at islandgigs.com or by calling the Island Gigs Travel department at 646-862-6380.

Yes. When you go through the booking process, you will be given a choice of payment dates and or a payment plan. You will be automatically charged on those dates.

Island Gigs accepts major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Checks and money orders are also acceptable forms for making future payments but the initial deposit must be paid by credit card at the time of booking. If sending a check or money order, please make them out to Island Gigs and send to: Island Gigs, 10 Chipman Heights Middlebury, VT 05753.

Yes. Currently all of our concerts take place in Jamaica and Mexico. Both countries require a US or foreign passport for entry. All non US guests should check the destination’s requirements in case they are different.

All of our documentation is paperless as we do not use snail mail. This means about 4 weeks prior to the event, you will receive a document email with all of the details of your trip ( what to do when you arrive at the airport, where to go, concert times, hotel info, etc.). The only documentation you’ll need is your Passport which you will have to have with you anyway. It is a good idea to print your document email just in case you need it for reference. The resort itself is private so no concert tickets are required. You will, however, need to wear a security wristband for identification.

Guests can purchase these in advance to guarantee their spot or they can purchase them once on location. For information about side trips give us a call at 646-862-6380. One of our agents will be happy to tell you what we have to offer.

Everything in our package price is included EXCEPT airfare. Island Gigs does not secure flights for guests due to the volatility of prices throughout the year. We advise our guests to make their own arrangements to arrive at the destination airport and we will welcome you and take great care of you once you arrive.

Island Gigs provides roundtrip transfers as part of your package cost. Once you purchase your airfare we recommend logging into your account and entering your flight information so we may schedule your bus to the resort. Note: Island Gigs will only provide transfers on the exact days that you have booked with us. If you arrive early or plan to stay passed your hotel stay, you will be responsible to get your own transport back to the airport.

If you need to cancel or change your reservation, we ask that the Lead Passenger please contact Island Gigs at 646-862-6380. There is a fee for changing names but not for adding days to your trip. Please note, depending on when you cancel, payments can be 100% non-refundable, with the exception of guests with insurance canceling for a covered reason. Please read below for more information on how to purchase travel insurance.

NOTE: If you have purchased insurance through Island Gigs please cancel your reservation through us and then contact Travelex Travel Insurance and place a claim. Let them know that you have purchased an Island Gigs insurance policy and have canceled your reservation with us. They will ask you to send them proof of cancellation as well documentation for the reason you have canceled. It can take anywhere between two – eight weeks to receive your refund.

We do recommend that our guests purchase travel insurance, as most payments made for your reservation are non-refundable due to our obligations to the resort. We offer  a “Deluxe Policy” to cover major items like (Emergency accident, Emergency Sickness, or Accidental Death).
Insurance may be added or declined at the time of booking. Insurance added more than 14 days after booking does not include cancellations for work reasons or pre-existing medical conditions. We are happy to offer our policy at $118 Per person. For more information about IslandGigs Travel Protection please CLICK HERE